Tips to get rids of mice in the attic

If you hear scratching and scurrying in the attic at night, then you have got mice there. Here are some of the best tips to get rid of mice infestation in the attic. However, before looking for remedies, you need to find out how the mice got in your attic and get rid of the source first.

Take care of your garden: The cleaner your garden is, the less it will encounter rodent challenges.

Cut the high plants and clean debris frequently from your yard: It will restrict the food supply to the rats. It will also send a message to them that your home is regular under monitor.

Store the rubbish away from your house’s entrance: Mice may find rubbish attractive and find it a good way to enter inside your house. The solution is to keep the lid of the bin shut and keep it away from the entrance.

Seal holes: Make sure the attic doesn’t have any open holes to allow entrance of mouse. Get the insulation foam and find the cracks. Rats can squeeze in even in half-inch crack so make sure you don’t leave any holes unattended.

DIY methods:

In case of mice infestation, the DIY methods are increasingly popular. If you want to catch mice in your attic, then you need a proper plan:

Choose no-kill traps

  • They are a humane method and there is no smell of their corpses afterwards, if you check it regularly.
  • All you need to do is fill it with delicious bait and allow the mouse to walk in. and, you can end up catching more than one mouse in a single night.

Mice poop are the major cause of infestation. With a professional mice control team, you can get expert mice control from them. They will not just take care of the dirt and use pest control for it, but will also get rid of each and every mouse in the attic and prevent their return. Inoculand Pest Control is your one-stop solution to get rid of rat infestation. The method you select depends on the level of infestation in the attic and your present condition. Look out for the options present in front of you suggested by professionals and then go for it.

Also make sure you keep a follow-up to ensure that the solution is permanent and there are no more mice in the attic. With the right remedy, you will never face this situation again.

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