How does couples therapy benefit your relationship?

Couples therapy works on the fundamentals of psychotherapy where a therapist works with the couples to help the partners gain insight to their parforhold, resolve all their issues and enhance their relationship satisfaction with several therapeutic interventions. Though the approach may differ depending on the orientation of the therapist, but all couples therapy include these basic elements: Discussion of specific issues such as jealousy, sexual problems or addiction Participation of the couples in treating the relationship Solution focused treatment Establishing the treatment goals. The therapy commences with normal interview questions…

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How couple therapy is helpful in ups and downs of life of a couple?

Making choice to go to couple therapist is really a big step and there are many things that need to be considered before taking this step. This is important because in couple therapy you will have to admit all that things which you and your spouse think is not working out in your relationship. This is quite tough and even scary as well. And if in case, you are not familiar with what exactly happens in this therapy then it will feel confusing and mysterious. Overall, the idea of seeking…

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