What does a sports agent do

Sports agent renders several services at one, right from marketing their sportsperson’s abilities to handling their social media pages. So, some of the duties which a sports agent performs are:

  1. Scouting for new and aspiring athletes at sports events.
  2. Finding opportunities with companies for their player which are perfect for their age, ability level and salary expectations.
  3. Managing the career of their clients with regard to marketing, promotion and endorsements.
  4. Representing your clients in case of any dispute between the player and organizations they are working with.
  5. Working as a spokesperson for their client when wish to come into media
  6. Keeping an eye on the better opportunities coming their way to match their client’s rising fame and meeting their long-term career goals.
  7. Handle agreements, contracts and package deals.
  8. Support their clients during times of losses, personal problems or when they are under pressure.

All these involve a lot of contractual negotiations and ensure that all the contracts abide by the legal guidelines and work in the interest of the players. It is also the responsibility of the sports agent to see if they are correct format. Often agents use their own select solicitor to manage the lawful contract work for them.

Agent may work a sports agency. It is a firm which specialists in sports and games contracts. Also some agent may work as freelancers while others may be employed by clubs and organizations to recruit select on their behalf.

What should you do to become a sports agent?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule or pre-set requirements to be a sports agent. However, in order to start, a lot of agents usually get:

  1. Work experience with a sports agency- so what you can do is contact sports agencies and work as an intern there.
  2. Have contacts within sport: If you watch a lot of games and matches and have buildup your contacts, then you can easily get to know officials and players of the clubs and work as their agents.
  3. Legal knowledge: As a lot of work of the agency is over legal contracts, hence you should have a good knowledge of contract law to help you client.
  4. Business knowledge: It is an important point. Yes, you should at least have a graduate degree and if it is in international sports management or business management, then it will be great.

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