Online classifieds is a great way to find jobs in Dubai

If you are visiting any gulf country for job and if it is your first visit then having very much knowledge about that place is not possible. But you can take help of some local facilities that will help you to find perfect job soon. For example, if you are in Dubai and you are searching for the job of your kind then it is really very difficult to get referred for any job by your relatives or any friend who is staying out side. But yes, if you will take the help of local job portals or news papers Read more [...]

How do Career Fair Helps in Getting a Job

Job fairs are organized by schools, colleges, civic organizations, companies and even local government at times. It is the perfect place to begin one’s job search, and even career search, both for students and experienced professionals. One mistake people often make is that they walk into a career fair completely unprepared, and this is a setback in today’s competitive scenario. It is a good idea to bring multiple updated copies of your resume and passport photos, even though many companies provide Read more [...]

An Apprentice: Boon Or Bane?

An apprentice, in common terms, is a person, or in some cases a young adult, who learns a job on the go, that is, he learns a job while doing it. The term ‘apprentice’ was earlier known as ‘prentice’ or ‘protégés’ in the English language. The general age of an apprentice is from 14- 18 years, but it can vary according to countries. In recent times, we are more familiar with the term ‘apprentice’ thanks to the popular reality television series  called ‘the apprentice’ where Read more [...]

Some tips to become a presentable waitress

Waitress is a job of passionate persons and it is fun if you like your work. Your future can be filled with opportunity of employments. Important is that you should be able to demonstrate your ability in your resume. Your resume should include the ability of presenting the menus and to make recommendations. You should describe the ability to greet patrons and to answer the questions related to the food and beverages. The table setting, decorations and place setting is the most essential thing that Read more [...]

Start your career with the expected position in Morrisons

The Morrisons was originally started out from a family business. It was just a team of skilled colleagues and now, it is providing great service and availability for their customers and it was said to be one of the largest Uk supermarket groups, retailer of the year 2008! The turnover of this company was 12.5 billion Euros in the year 2007. This has become of the most famous company of its industry and thus more and more people desires to connect with the group. The company also requires additional Read more [...]

Resume Design Service Gets You The Right Job

Do you think a better designed resume can help a job seeker to differentiate from others? Tell you what the real catch is. On an average any employer just spends about thirty seconds to go through a resume. This much time is enough to decide for an employer to judge that the candidate is right for the job or not. There is nothing to blame in it, they can’t sit for hours and hours chit-chatting with you. So, to get the catch a better resume can make a difference. A visually appealing, a professional, Read more [...]

What is Meant by Job Descriptions

Every one of us came across the word job description in our life many times in the office environment or during any interview period or at least while reading any books and seeing the mails. Basically what this word Job Descriptions stands for! The word job description is used for explaining the duties as well as rules and regulation of a particular job to which an individual is going to get appointed. Even in simple ways we can describe Job Descriptions as it is basically developed for conducting Read more [...]

Career Assessment – Choosing the right career

Choosing the right career for oneself can actually make or break one’s life. Needless to say, a lot of effort, research and hard work go into choosing the right path for oneself. The fear of the unknown element is quite terrifying and often more than not people end up making the wrong choice. Gone are the days, when there was a scarcity of information in regards to the various kinds of professions available. Now days there are various kinds of websites that actually gives you all the information Read more [...]

Choosing a Right Career Path That is Just Right for You

Choosing a right career path that is just right for you is a very important step in your life that you should not take lightly. As this is the decision that either makes your future or makes you fall down. You can easily get success by choosing a right career for you. Choosing a right career is also important because your life is at stake by this career decision of yours. It is generally observed that large number of students and even professionals are unaware of the career path where they want Read more [...]

Career Test – Suggests the Best Career Plan

Career test is the test which is especially conducted for the individuals so that they choose the best career plan which will be helpful for them in the long run. Today in the competitive world it is very difficult for the person to choose the best career which will be helpful for them. There are many things comes to an individual mind while going to choose the best career is that whether the career which they will choose meet the following terms like profitability and comfort ability part. Sometimes Read more [...]