How does couples therapy benefit your relationship?

Couples therapy works on the fundamentals of psychotherapy where a therapist works with the couples to help the partners gain insight to their parforhold, resolve all their issues and enhance their relationship satisfaction with several therapeutic interventions. Though the approach may differ depending on the orientation of the therapist, but all couples therapy include these basic elements:

  1. Discussion of specific issues such as jealousy, sexual problems or addiction
  2. Participation of the couples in treating the relationship
  3. Solution focused treatment
  4. Establishing the treatment goals.

The therapy commences with normal interview questions about your relationship history and exploring every partner’s origin and background. The primary session may also be used for crisis intervention.

Once the issue is identified, then the focus is on the treatment and how to establish treatment objective and plan a solid treatment structure.

During this phase, the therapist will make the couple know the relational dynamics and help the partners understand one another in the dysfunctional interactions. It will help in changing their perspective towards the relationship and one another.

A couples therapy also include the changing behavior and the ways of communication of couples. A therapist will often give homework to the couples. Usually couples benefit a lot from couples therapy with better emotional expression, communication skills and problem solving attitude.

Who is it recommended for?

A couples therapy is suggested for all types of relationships, be it straight, gay, young-old dating, engaged couples or married couples. For instance, an engaged couple may find couples therapy as an opportunity to make their expectations familiar to one another before getting married. Another couple who has been together for 20 years may find couples therapy as an exceptional way to bring new excitement and romance in their parforhold.

The therapy is meant to resolve your relationship issues, prevent any problem from cropping up and offers a checkup for a happy couple. Common problems in couple therapy are parenting, sex, health problems, infertility, money, in-laws, emotional separation, and random fights.

How is couple therapy advantageous for couples?

  1. The intervention allows the couples to see their relation in an objective way and realize that whatever is happening is happening to both. It gives a changed perspective to the partners and they start witnessing their relationship in a more positive way.
  2. It helps to modify their dysfunctional behavior. Partners behave in ways where they don’t cause physical or mental harm to their partner. Therapist can recommended individual treatment or suggest them a couple treatment, depending on the issue.
  3. Communication between the partners gets better. The therapist trains the partners to interact in an efficient and supportive way.
  4. The therapist supports the partners to express their feelings to each other and promote affection and intimacy.
  5. The therapy enhances your relationship’s strength.

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