Tips for Writing Attractive Resume for Creating Better Impression

Resume is the thing which will speak about a person when he is not there. This is going to be the first impression as when applying to the job, we first send our resumes and then only we go to interviews to show the original talent. So if the resume is not good and attractive then normally even a qualified person would not get an interview call. Resume writing is itself a talent which many people has to develop. Creative resume writing has become the profession of many people that they earn their Read more [...]

New Zealand University launches World First Nationwide 24/7 monitored personal safety services for International Students

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) launches a world first nationwide 24/7 monitored personal safety service for their international students. A just released Student Insight report carried out by the British Council’s Education Intelligence Unit reports, “as international student mobility grows worldwide the number of reported attacks on students has been increasing and students are becoming more aware of the risks they face when studying abroad.” In the USA the recent Read more [...]

Graduate school statement of purpose writing

Attractive writing is not a simple task to do. It takes imagination, time and lots of research which could be little hard task for the students who are already passing thru the tough and busy schedules. And especially when you enter in the graduation period, the collage teachers will expect professional statement of purpose from you. Your writing will be judged deeply and every single mistake will be counted so you would need to be creative, professional and extra efficient to leave an extra ordinary Read more [...]

Tips on how to write a literature review

The literature review writing is a task of creativity and responsibility. You would need to add your concentration and creation to this task to accomplish it well. There are so many requirements which are necessary for professional literature review writing. In other words we can say that this task includes critical analysis and research works that eventually results in a successful literature review writing. Well, this task seems to be really very tough but here are some quick tips which will make Read more [...]

SRM Profile

Wisdom is where you find it. SRM University has stood with this notion since the inception of its first engineering college in Kattankulathur, near Chennai. What started as an idea is now an18 institute strong academic group with campuses all across India including Delhi, NCR. With 600 acre of sprawling campus and state-of-the-art facilities, SRM is in many ways a dream come true for a student. Students are competing in a fast evolving global environment. SRM University understands that the competition Read more [...]

Article Marketing Strategy: Boost your SEO Career

I got into article marketing business very late; I have been just designing my websites for years. Well, I discovered article marketing from my mentor who I had lost contact and suddenly the name popped on the various article submission websites. The power of article marketing came fully into limelight and I decided to go further since; I was eager to learn and earn more. Before I get started, let me ask you one question. Are you keen on to increase your search engine rankings? My favourite SEO article Read more [...]

Selected Views and Comparative Analysis of Online and Traditional Education Systems

The idea of a common platform for educational potential is always a debate that is raging in school and college level education in the US. The issue of whether or not a prep school graduate and a public college student are on the same level of basic education is the first step to this debate. The question further transits to the possibility of good career possibilities of a public college student; much lesser a distant education, convicted graduates and even part time or online course degrees being Read more [...]

Let’s Step forward for a bright future in UK

The UK is a well developed and well educated place and you will find more career opportunities here for your future and you would get a chance to achieve what you deserve. But also, some people consider it is difficult to handle a UK job due to the requirements of extra proficiency and professionalism. This is true but this should not be the cause of your confusion because if you get specific job in UK then you need not to worry about proficiency because they test it before providing a job and professionalism Read more [...]

Being An Accountants – One of The Safest Career

Job security is mandatory for anyone in this world to live a peaceful life. Before some years there was a period of recession and suddenly many people were taken out of the jobs. Many suicides were in that particular year. Many became mentally upset after that incident. This is entirely because of the recession and loss of jobs. From that period students became aware while choosing their careers. There are many careers which are always in demand or in needed by the people or government. Such careers Read more [...]

Career Assessment – Choosing the right career

Choosing the right career for oneself can actually make or break one’s life. Needless to say, a lot of effort, research and hard work go into choosing the right path for oneself. The fear of the unknown element is quite terrifying and often more than not people end up making the wrong choice. Gone are the days, when there was a scarcity of information in regards to the various kinds of professions available. Now days there are various kinds of websites that actually gives you all the information Read more [...]